Friday, January 6, 2012


Here's the direction that I think is well enough in our time span from now.

If we can make this without dialogue it would add to it, gibberish filling in the gestures. If we can't then that's fine ... it's a cartoon.

The story will start with the tortoise slowly trying to get to the watering hole. Its being passed by a mob of charging animals (optional: terrible parody of LioKing opening.).
We introduce any animal as the main along with that characters friend.
The ready two get to the watering hole.
The main will try to remember that there was something about the watering hole while its friend tries a drink. That friend off screen is taken out like in Jaws. You don't see the crocodile, it's just implied. The main notices thne he's all alone.
More animals come in. The main character tries to warn them about some thing in the water but is ignored. While that's happening (as a Jaws themed pardody) the crocodile comes suspensfully in and with great effect reveals himself to th animals.
See ing the threat animals start to quetion... Main character rallies all of them againts the croc. The very smart and dentally clean croc.

Here's where we get into the montage of each animal devising plans that surely backfire.

I need everyone to suggest their own or choose on from the list.
Each animal gets hurt somehow... but cartoony- bandages, casts and crutches seen.

1-An agressisive animal, Rhino, tries to attack the croc. It backfires as the croc bites its horn off.

2-Another animal tries to fish the croc out. But they tangle them selves out (clumsy animal).

3-A pair of animals try a Catapult. It jams and as the animals inspect it get launched themselves.

4-An animal dress up as a female croc to bait him out. The croc NEVER leaves.

5-Animal tries to make the croc fall into a pit it covered with leaves. That animal fall into it's own pit unconvinced that it works.

6-Animals try to annoy the croc out with vuvuzuelas. The croc ignores them by going under the water. Animals run out of breath. (optional: croc roars louder than their vuvuzuelas)

7-laser from a satellite an animal activates. Croc uses mirror to reflect it back to that animal, frying them.

The final scheme is all the animals create a giant robo crocodile. There is a massive build up on him, all the animals put all their hopes in this thing. The croc in the water is actually panicking. But as the robocroc is almost at the waters edge it stops... because its cable got unplugged. Animals holding the wire wonder why it's not long enough lokking at the giraffe. Giraffe drobs it, get plugged back in RoboCroc resumes but it's first step into the water... it short circuits and explodes... frying every animal... all hope is lost...

But the tortoise fanally comes to the water... the croc who took care of its teeth tries to chomp on it.... tortoise withdraws and croc breaks teeth on its shell.... ANIMALS REJOICE (opptional: freeze frame jump)


After.. Tranqualizers hit every animal and croc putting them to sleep.. poacher comes in takes them away....

Well the end... is it better to just leave the robocroc anticlimactically being unplugged.. for that effect or have it explode?

Everyone ok with having ther own parts as we add/change/remove montage schemmes?

This is what I believe is good to get every one helping in.

Anything would be good! Do what you believe your self to be good use in this animation.

Draw scenes, Characters, storyboards on how to make it funny. Anything, whatever would help you get going.... without other help.


  1. This sounds really good man! And I like the schemes and stuff. We're going to talk about the script today in class, but I think we should use most of the ideas there..

    I think we should also finalize positions since people have been moved around and w/e.

  2. By the gods Adam's logged in not me. Well that post was done by me, Matt ^^ -___-