Thursday, January 12, 2012


Executive Producer : Barney & Seneca

Production Manager: Erin

Director: David

Assistant Director: Edward, Jenelle

Artistic Director of Colour: Adam

Writers: Dave, Jenelle

Poster Designers: Erin Dennis

Storyboard Artist: Janny, Jenelle

Character Designers (Draw, rotate): David, Ed

Character Builder (Hands, eyes, mouths, etc): the Character Designers

Sound Editor: The people who will say the lines are responsible

Sound FX: Elly

Leica Editor (Work with Director): Dan

Scene setup (Work with BG artist, leica editor, and Director): Sasha

Background Artist: Dennis, Ed, Prabesh

Music?: Elly

Compositors: Jenelle, everone will help

Animators: EVERYONE

Voice actors: Graves, David, Dan, Dayne, Jenelle


  1. I'm going to need a role. I would like to do BG, but if I can't have BG, then put me anywhere besides storyboard and I'll be happy. (y)

  2. Would character building sound good to you matt? I remember your walk for the final toonboom and it was pretty slick.

  3. Did you want me to build all of them?